Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank you for a soccer coach!

I loved how these soccer cookies came out! Thanks Jeanie for this order!
I'm not a very good photographer but worst of all, I forget to take pictures this was no exception!
I finished the cookies and they were in the car and ready for the soccer game, when I remembered i hadn't taken any pictures. I sent my husband out to snap a few pictures before she drove off! Lucky for me he is such a good sport, ha ha.
There is so many projects I wish I had pictures of so I can share them with all of you, I will keep working on it!!

Cookie party!

To see more fun pictures and details check out the party section!

Party at the mall!

I was invited by Simply You Photography to join her at TORRID clothing store during their high school model search, we passed out free cookie samples, took lots of great pictures and had an awesome day. It was at the San Tan Mall in Gilbert, where we met alot of great people who all loved the cookies! Thanks Torrid for letting us be apart of your day!
We made the small sample cookie bouquet for the great manager who invited us to come participate in their event!

IMG_0210 copy

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My teacher has class!

There was some lucky teachers out there that received these yummy cookies as a thank-you for a year of hard work and dedication to their class.
DSC00664 copy
We can't leave out the wonderful music teachers, these were a special thank-you for a great piano teacher!
DSC00666 copy
DSC00667 copy

Sweet treats for a music class party

These special cookies were made to celebrate the final performance of a musical theatre class. After the final rehearsal everyone brought a sweet treat to share with the rest of the class. These were a big hit with everyone who attended!
DSC00617 copy
DSC00614 copy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

20th Birthday Cake

I created this cake for a birthday girl who is all country and loves to have fun!
IMG_1992 copy

Mothers Day Cakes

These lucky moms received these delicious cakes instead of flowers, lucky gals!